Supporting energetic beauty and active, resilient lifestyles

Introducing athletia, a new brand from e’quipe

Opening 2 locations in department stores next February and a flagship store in Omotesando in March


On February 19, 2020, e’quipe, LTD. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yosuke Maezawa) will launch ‘athletia’, a skincare & lifestyle brand for all who wish to live everyday actively and with resilience. (10 items, 17 types 2,500 yen–5,500 yen<tax excluded>)

With ‘Strengthen Yourself.’ as its brand concept, athletia will roll out 3 product ranges that control the balance between the ‘dynamic’ and ‘tranquil’. athletia cares for the environment and uses eco-friendly ingredients, containers, packaging and even building materials for its stores under its “clean beauty” approach of caring the environment like caring yourself. In addition, athletia will start expanding to international markets from 2021 to grow into a global brand.
e’quipe will accelerate expansion of its global businesses for both skincare and makeup by launching ‘athletia’, its third brand following ‘RMK’ and ‘SUQQU’.    

Story behind the creation of ‘athletia’, the new brand

In modern society, people are living longer and more people wish to stay healthy and maintain beauty both physically and mentally. It has become more ordinary to see people exercising regularly, whether it be yoga or working out, amid their busy lifestyles. Meanwhile, the increased focus on environmental issues including global warming and marine pollution has prompted more consideration towards the global environment. This has created changes in manufacturing and consumption trends.
To live everyday comfortably and in your own way while being straightforward and honest with yourself and the earth. Aiming to create affinity with such resilient and optimistic lifestyles, e’quipe launched ‘athletia’, the skincare & lifestyle brand that provides support for energetic beauty and active, resilient lifestyles.

Product concept and ranges

‘athletia’ will offer products from three product ranges: The basic skincare range ‘tune & charge’, the ‘active & go’ range handy for active opportunities and the ‘breathe & sleep’ range that offers moods and occasions of choice. The ranges provide a broad selection of items ranging from skincare to UV care and room mists. ‘athletia’ aims to control the balance between the active, ‘dynamic’ states and ‘tranquil’ states for relaxation and calmness.
‘athletia’ envisions “energetic skinTM”, which is healthy skin with excellent circulation and complexion. The brand’s signature ingredient and naturally-derived Bio Energetic Complex*1 was created to reach deep into the stratum corneum, which is the foundation for healthy skin*2. The ingredient was also designed to support the “skin’s basic capabilities”. athletia also focuses on the fragrance of natural essential oils and stress-free texture that delivers comfort.    

‘Clean beauty’ - athletia’s manufacturing concept

‘athletia’ commits to its “clean beauty” approach of caring the environment like caring yourself and will manufacture products with integrity. The brand will focus on using naturally-derived and carefully sought out ingredients. For the brand’s signature ingredient, extracts from perilla ocymoides leaves and angelica keiskei are derived from plants grown in sustainable, recycling-oriented farms that do not use agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers. athletia also actively clarifies the composition and traceability of its ingredients used. In addition, each athletia product mentions its natural origin index according to the ISO 16128 standard. Glass bottles that use more than 90% recycled glass, the highest level in the cosmetic industry, are used for containers*3. athletia also tries to reduce CO2 emissions such as by using bio-polyethylene made of sugar cane-derived ingredients to replace plastics*3.
Furthermore, athletia will incorporate environmental-friendly materials for elements other than its products, including packaging and printed materials.

  1. ※1
    Angelica keiskei leaf/stem extract, perilla ocymoides leaf extract, rice ferment filtrate, glycerin
  2. ※2
    To moisturize
  3. ※3
    Excludes some items

Product ranges    

画像:tune & chargeのモデルと商品イメージ

「tune & charge」

Five basic skincare items that support the skin’s basic capabilities.

画像:active & goのモデルと商品イメージ

「active & go」  

Three items including UV care needed for active occasions that deliver multi-functionality, convenience and portability.    

画像:breathe & sleepのモデルと商品イメージ

「breathe & sleep」

Two items including a room mist, focusing on breath & sleep, to choose upon different moods and occasions.

Core products    

athletia’s core products are the 2 items in the ‘tune & charge’ range. ‘athletia core balance oil’ is a warm-up oil that unwinds tense moods and skin by massaging the entire face as the first skincare step after cleansing. 
Infused with the brand’s signature ingredient Bio Energetic Complex, ‘athletia core balance toning lotion’ thoroughly moisturizes the stratum corneum with its hydrating texture.
Through incorporating a proprietary formulating technology focused on the affinity between the oil and lotion, layering the two items further softens the texture and envelops skin.
Leaving the skin to feel pampered with cream, it enhances a highly satisfying moisture level to support skin’ intrinsic capabilities.    


Left)core balance oil
Right)core balance toning lotion

An experience-oriented flagship store also opening in March    

athletia will also be opening its brand flagship store in Omotesando in March. With the ground floor selling products, the brand will launch the ‘athletia Studio’ on the second floor that provides yoga lessons, seminars and workshops to also deliver event-oriented brand experiences in addition to marketing products. The store’s building materials, including biodegradable flooring, are also environmentally friendly.

Brand Overview    

Brand name and its origin    

The name ‘athletia’ contains our hopes for ‘active, resilient lifestyles’. The logo running across three lines represent the three product ranges, with the two back-to-back a’s expressing the flexible balancing effects of “dynamic and tranquil” and the “body and mind” that can restore themselves even if they become temporarily unstable.    


- Strengthen Yourself. -       



tune & charge

athletia treatment cleansing oil
1type 150mL
4,000 yen

A cleansing oil that removes makeup and impurities while softening skin with a melting, thick texture 

athletia treatment foam wash
1type 150mL
3,500 yen 

A facewash that changes to thick foam on skin and wraps and removes excessive sebum and impurities

athletiacore balance oil
1type 50mL
5,500 yen    

Infused with 10 types of botanical oils in the oil layer and athletia’s proprietary Bio Energetic Complex*1 in the water layer. A warm-up oil that delivers moisture deep into the stratum corneum and conditions the oil balance on the skin surface.    

athletia core balance toning lotion 
1type 150mL
5,500 yen    

A toning lotion containing high levels of naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients such as rose myrtle extract and geranium robertianum extract and athletia’s proprietary Bio Energetic Complex*1 that conditions the moisture balance of skin    

athletia toning serum
1type 30mL
5,500 yen    

A serum with moisturizing and smooth veiling effects that instantly boosts skin with healthy brightness    

active & go

athletia skin protection UV gel 30
1type 30g
3,500 yen    

A UV gel with naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients that protects the skin while delivering succulent moisture. With fresh scent of lemon and rosemary. SPF30, PA+++

athletia skin protection UV gel 50
1type 50g
4,000 yen

A UV gel with multi-protection formula that is water-resistant and resistant to friction and rubbing. With fresh scent of lemon and rosemary. SPF50+, PA++++    

athletia tuning aroma mist
2 types, 100mL
2,800 yen each

A portable face & body mist that instantly and efficiently replenishes skin with hydrating power anywhere and anytime on active occasions. Comes in two scents to choose from according to mood.

breathe & sleep

athletia switching aroma mist
3types, 100mL
2,500 yen each

A room mist scented with 100% natural and botanical essential oils that change the ambiance as if you escaped on a getaway    

athletia switching aroma oil5
types, 10mL
3,500 yen each

Five types of scents with 100% natural and botanical essential oils designed to provide comfort for various daily occasions to help you keep control in the hustle of everyday life    

  1. ※1
    Angelica keiskei leaf/stem extract, perilla ocymoides leaf extract, rice ferment filtrate, glycerin    
  • Prices are MSRP <tax excluded>.

February 19, 2020

February 19, 2020 (scheduled)

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Honten, Pop-up store (limited 2.19~2.25)
athletica ONLINE SHOP

February 26, 2020 (scheduled)

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store / JR Nagoya Takashimaya

End of March, 2020(scheduled)

athletia omotesando flagship store    


‘e’quipe’ currently rolls out the ‘RMK’ and ‘SUQQU’ brands. Launched in 1997, the makeup artist brand ‘RMK’ offers make up and skincare products in addition to its core base makeup products. The brand is particularly embraced by young users with high fashion sensibility. On the other hand, ‘SUQQU’ has been marketed as a cosmetics brand for mature women since its launch in 2003. Through its focus on the brand’s proprietary method of “massaging the facial muscles”, SUQQU has also succeeded in capturing demand in Japan’s inbound market. Both brands have locations in and outside of Japan and are steadily expanding as global brands.    

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